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Welcome to the XchaosX website for the MMORPG Legend of Martial Arts. As long as you are active we accept everyone that wants to join. If you are already in the alliance welcome to our new site. This website is for you guys so if you want anything added just ask and i will try my best to make it happen .

I don't have many rules for the alliance but there are a couple of basic things i want to say:

  1. Be active please. If you are not active we cannot grow.
  2. Help out other members when you can.
  3. Please keep the drama as low as possible
  4. Treat others the way you would like to be treated
If you follow these simple rules there should have no problems.

How to get promoted

I have been asked multiple times how to get promoted. The way to get promoted is to be active in the game as well as on the website. Being active does not mean being on but afk all the time. Active means talking with other members and being at least somewhat social. i know there are people who are shy and dont like to be very social but this is a fun alliance and i hope that you feel comfortable talking.

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XchaosX website is now live!

devilsangel21325, May 9, 11 1:03 PM.
This website has been created for all members of XchaosX to hang out and talk about alliance stuff or just anything that you want. This site is for you so if you want anything added just ask and i will try my best to make it happen.
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XchaosX is recruiting all ACTIVE players. Levels don't matter as long as you stay active. This alliance was created to help people new to the game and to increase the experience for more veteran players.
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